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Archive – 2004

2004 ACM Arab & North Africa Regional Contest

The 2004 ACM/ICPC Arab & North Africa 8th Regional Contest was hosted by Kuwait University, Kuwait, Dec 1 — Dec 2, 2004.

The Participants

39 teams from 29 Universities attended the contest. Eleven countries were represented: Algiers, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, UAE, and the host country: Kuwait.

The Contest

The problem-set was made of 9 problems. All but one problem (D) were solved. Problem-A (“Da Vinci’s Cryptex”)was the most solved.

The contest environment supported three programming languages: C, C++, and Java.

The Judges I/O


A. Da Vinci’s Cryptex

B. F of a and b to the k

C. The long Divide

D. Partial Overlapping

E. Geometry?! Why Not??

F. Indistinguishable Blocks

G. Chop Ahoy!

H. Give me a break!

I. One for all. All for there exists.

The Results

Click here for the final results.

And the winners are…

First Place

The American University in CairoAUC1: Mahmoud Abdel-fattah, Fadi Mounir, Ahmed Mohamed Ezaat, Amir Zeid (Coach)

Second Place

Cairo University – Faculty of Computers & InformationCairo Univ1: Amin Elsayed, Micheal Nasrallah , Hamza Ibrahim, Salwa El Gamal (Coach)

Third Place

American Univerist of BeirutAUB Engineers: Antoine El Daher, Haratch Mangassarian, Rayyan Jaber, Hassan Artail (Coach)

Extreme Programmers

(Awarded to the team that submits the first successful run)

American University of BeirutThe Founders: Ali Baderedine, Mario Awad, Tarek Bedeir, Ahmad Nasri (Coach)

Steadfast Gurus

(Awarded to the team that submits the last successful run)

Kuwait UniversityCode Warriors: Ahmed Haider, Fawaz Al-Azmi, Mohammed Taha, Mohammed Jeragh (Coach)

Solid Programmers

(Awarded to the team that solves the most number of problems without penalties)

Arab Academy for Science & TechnologyMeet In The Middle Attack: Ahmed Elhabashy, Mohamed Taha, Moustafa Hosny, Ossama Ismail (Coach)

Relentless Programmers

(Awarded to the team that solves a problem after the most number of wrong submissions)

Faculty of Computer & Info. ScienceEclipse: Abdalla Gamal, Mohamed Samir Ibrahim, Yasser Rihan, El Sayed Soleit (Coach)

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