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Archive – 2008

2008 ACM Arab & North Africa Regional Contest

The ACM/ICPC 2008 Arab & North Africa 11th Regional Contest was hosted by theArab Academy for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Egypt, 22-24 November 2008. The contest took place at the Academy, with the opening being held at the historic & prestigious Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The awards and celebration took place in a glamorous hall over-looking the Mediterranean port of Alexandria.

The Participants

46 teams from 27 Universities attended the contest. Nine countries were represented: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Contest

The problem-set was made of 10 problems. Almost all teams managed to solve problem-E (“Relax! It’s Just a Game”) and problem-B (“Adding Sevens”). No team managed to solve problem-C (“Match Maker”) although few teams made a number of attempts on it. Surprisingly, only two teams solved problem-D (“Adding up Triangles”). Click here for a summary of solved problems.

The contest environment supported three programming languages: C, C++, and Java. Only one team used C, and the majority are still favoring C++. Click here for a report on language-related statistics.

The Judges I/O


A. Tobo or not Tobo

B. Adding Sevens

C. Match Maker

D. Adding Up Triangles

E. Relax! It’s Just a Game

F. Einbahnstrasse

G. Think I’ll Buy Me a Football Team

H. Musical Chairs

I. I Speak Whales

J. A Day at the Races(currently unavailable)


The Results

Click here for the final results, or here for the detailed results.

And the winners are…

First Place

Arab Academy for Science and Technology; AAST Seniors: Mostafa Batsh, Ahmed Naguib, Hesham Ali, Ahmed M. Elhabashy (Coach)

Second Place

German University in Cairo; Muenchhausen Trilemma: Mohamed Abou Hamra, Eslam Soliman, Abdallah El Guindy, Slim Abdennadher (Coach)

Third Place

Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University; FCI Cairo Univ. 1: Mohamed El-asmar, Ahmed Aly, Mostafa Saad, Salwa El Gamal (Coach)

Extreme Programmers

(Awarded to the team that submits the first successful run)

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar; QTartans: Keghani Kouzoujian, Jackson Davis, Samreen Anjum, Justin Carlson (Coach)

Steadfast Gurus

(Awarded to the team that submits the last successful run)

Arab Academy for Science and Technology; AAST Seniors: Mostafa Batsh, Ahmed Naguib, Hesham Ali, Ahmed M. Elhabashy (Coach)

Solid Programmers

(Awarded to the team that solves the most number of problems without penalties)

Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University; FCI Cairo Univ. 3: Hussein El-mahallawy, Mohamed El-sayed, Ahmed Thabet, Mohamed Abd El-wahab (Coach)

Relentless Programmers

(Awarded to the team that solves a problem after the most number of wrong submissions)

Tishreen University; Brighter Than The Sun Team: Shadi Saleh, Razan Masood, Hayyan Daoud, Sari Haj Hussein (Coach)

The Laundry Bag Award

(An award given by the RCD. The team receives the RCD’s polo shirt as a gift)

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar; QDragons: Rishav Bhowmick, Shahriar Haque, Shakir Hussain, Justin Carlson (Coach)


The RCD Appreciation Award

Started in 2007, The RCD Appreciation Award is given to individuals who made a differnce while participating in the ANARC. The recepients normally participate or support the contest for several years before being considered for this award.

The recepients of the 2008 RCD Appreciation Award are:

  • Professor Mroussi Mohamed 
    Professor Mroussi has been participating in the ANARC since its first contest in 1998. He’s the only coach to partitipcate for 11 years! And if that wasn’t enough, he also maintained his pleasant smile throughout those 11 events.
  • Mr. Mohammed Shalaby 
    Mr. Shalaby has been a supporter of the ANARC since 2003. During the years 2003-2005 when the contest was hosted in Kuwait, Mr. Shalaby’s company (NCS-Babtain, Kuwait) was always the first to jump on the sponsor wagon. In 2008, Mr. Shalaby was instrumental in getting ANARC sponsorship from Al-Babtain Group, Egypt.


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